Soil protection standard for retail (TAČR Éta, 2020–2022)

Soil protection standard for retail (TAČR Éta, 2020–2022)

Financial support

Technological Agency of the Czech Republic

Project duration

August 2020 - December 2022 

Coordinator of the project in CUEC

Vojtěch Kotecký

Project partners

  • Svaz obchodu a cestovního ruchu České republiky
  • Biologické centrum AV ČR

Project description

The project will compile and test a set of practical standards that ensure soil protection in agriculture while being adapted to the operational routine in the supply chains of retail chains. Therefore, they will achieve two goals:

(1) to draw up a set of recommended agrotechnical and organizational measures to protect soils from degradation, including erosion and loss of organic matter, which retail chains may introduce into their relations with suppliers,

(2) transform them into a set of standards and test this in the application reality of specific retail companies.

Therefore, the project applies pedological expertise in combination with social science knowledge by managing the sustainability of corporate supply chains.

Main project goals in CUEC

In the project, CUEC provides expertise in the management of corporate sustainability, its principles, procedures and mechanisms. It will thus serve as an intermediary between naturalists (pedologists) and practitioners (managers of retail chains). It will ensure that technical standards are adapted to customers' practices to reflect supply chain sustainability management theory, operating procedures, legal barriers and retail market economics. 



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