Working Papers



Name (language)

WP 1/2007

Bedřich Moldan
 Jan Brůha

Sustainability and environmental sustainability. (cz)

WP 2/2007

Miroslav Havránek

Emissions of methane from solid waste disposal sites in the Czech Republic during 1990-2005: Application of first order decay model. (en)

WP 3/2007

Jan Urban,
Milan Ščasný

Determinants and barries of organic food consumption in CR: a pilot sudy of the Prague's population. (en)

WP 4/2007

Markéta Braun Kohlová

Approaches to the Studying of Transport Behaviour. (cz)

WP 1/2008

Vojtěch Máca
Hana Škopková
Tomáš Brzobohatý

Effects of Performance Charging of Transport. (cz)

WP 2/2008

Anil Markandya
Ramon Ortiz

Review of Competitiveness, Trade And Employment Effects of Environmental Taxes. (en)

WP 1/2009

Jan Urban, Iva Zvěřinová

What are the determinants of environmentally significant behavior in the Czech Republic? A secondary analysis of two ISSP data-sets. (en)


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