Rolling Waste (TA ČR,  2020–2023)

Rolling Waste (TA ČR, 2020–2023)

Rolling Waste: Environmental and behavioral research of music festivals participants' behavior

Main goal of the project is to reduce environmental footprint of open-air music festivals through change in behaviour and consumer patterns of participants.

Project period: 2020–2023

Financial support: Technological Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR), ETA 3

Project description: Reduction in the footprint will be achieved by motivating and educating festival participants about waste prevention and proper separation. The focus is to understand pro-environmental behavior of individuals at mass events. We examine the effect of attitudes, values, social control and impacts of consumption on behavior.

Project outputs:

Open-air festivals are an ideal place where to examine the consumption patterns of participants' behavior. Waste at the festivals is disposed in a controlled manner at a given place and at a given time. Festivals address a well-defined group of the population. Therefore, it is possible to monitor and evaluate the shift in the attitude of each individual and the acceptance of personal responsibility for waste production.

As part of the project, we want to influence the participants of the Let it Roll summer festival during three consecutive years. Thanks to a combination of different approaches - social science (change of behavior patterns), environmental (waste management, LCA analyses), technical (use of mobile sorting line), marketing (Rolling Green campaign) and educational (workshops, information booths) - barriers will be identified and participants will be motivated to try to minimize their ecological footprint within the festival.

Based on the knowledge gained, a methodology will be created that will enable festival organizers to more easily grasp the issue of social responsibility and reduce the impact of festivals on the environment. Thanks to the involvement of the application guarantor, the Festas association, the outputs of the project will be available to all organizers of summer music festivals.

Project partners:

  • Charles University Environment Centre
  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague / Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  • Augiášův chlév s.r.o.
  • Beatworx s.r.o. 



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