Older projects

Some older projects that have been carried out in CUEC:

  • 2000–2001 – Project funded by the Czech Ministry of the Environment VaV/310/2/00 „Methodology of environmental performance and prediction assessment by material (as well energy) flows and balances (including hidden flows)”.

  • 1998–1999 – MoE funded project “Quantification of environmental damages including its rational internalization“.

  • 1997–2001 – UNDP funded project “Towards Sustainability: The Czech Republic. Building National Capacities for Sustainable Development“.

  • 1994–1995 – PHARE funded project ”Environmental education for sustainable development”.

  • 1999–2001 – EU funded project: Strengthening the Czech Republic’s Preparation for Integration into the EU with Regard to the Environment

  • 1994–1997 – UNDP and the Czech Ministry of the Environment funded project “Economic Information and Instruments for Sustainable Development of the Czech Republic”.



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