MFA (CSF, 2012-2014)

P402/12/2116 Various aspects of anthropogenic material flows in the Czech Republic


Czech Science Foundation

Project duration


Project coordinator in CUEC

Jan Kovanda

Project description

The overall goal of the project is to evaluate various aspects of anthropogenic material flows in the Czech Republic such as the trends of overall environmental pressures related to material flows, the shifts of these pressures among countries due to international trade, efficiency of material use, recycling and product specificity of material-based pressures. The project applies approaches of ecological economics including economy-wide material flow accounting and hybrid life cycle assessment. These approaches are considered well established and suitable tools for monitoring and evaluation of human-induced material flows and related environmental pressures. The project has four objectives: 1) Extension of time series of economy-wide material flow indicators for the Czech Republic and assessment of their trends; 2) Compiling a material flow indicator related to recycling; 3) Extension of material flow indicators by water accounts; 4) Identification of product groups within the Czech economy, which are related to largest environmental pressures.


Kovanda, J. (2013): Material consumption in the Czech Republic: Focus on foreign trade and raw material equivalents of imports and exports. Statistika: Statistics and Economy Journal 93(1): 32-46.

Kovanda, J., Weinzettel, J. (2013): The importance of raw material equivalents in economy-wide material flow accounting and its policy dimension. Environmental Science and Policy 29 (2013): 71-80.



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