MEFA (GA ČR, 2004–2006)

GA205/04/0582 State assesment of the environment by the material and energy flow analysis

The project focused on analysing incremental material stock in the Czech Republic and energy flow indicators for the Czech Republic for 1990-2003. The NAS indicator first calculated using the so-called direct method.

GA205/04/0582 State assesment of the environment by the material and energy flow analysis


GA ČR - Grant Agency of the Czech Republic 

Project duration

January 2004–December 2006 

Project coordinator in CUEC

Mgr. Jan Kovanda   

Project description

The project is focused mainly on analyzing the net additions to material (physical) stock of the Czech Republic for the years 2000-2002 (the NAS indicator) and a pilot calculation and analysis of indicators of energy flows for the Czech Republic for the period 1990-2003.

The NAS indicator has been always calculated indirectly in the Czech Republic, i.e. as the difference between total input and total output flows of materials, however, within this project it is calculated using the so-called direct method. This is based on observations of gross additions to material stocks and their decreases, which are then subtracted. This makes it possible to divide the net increase in physical stocks by subcategories (buildings, machinery, means of transport, etc.) and by the type of material (construction materials, metals, wood, etc.).

Energy flow analysis (EFA) is applied using the methodology developed at the Vienna Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies. This makes the obtained data comparable with other pilot studies carried out on the example of agro-pastoral society (Thailand) and the industrialized countries of Western Europe (Austria). It is already possible to assume that energy consumption in the Czech Republic is close to industrially developed countries of Western Europe. However, how will its development during the transition from a centrally planned to a market economy look like? What percentage will take the renewable and non-renewable energy sources out of the overall energy consumed, as calculated using the method of energy flow analysis? 

CUEC is the only reasearch center involved in this project.

Project outputs

Project outputs in the RIV system



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