HEIMTSA (6th EU FP , 2007–2011)

HEIMTSA: Health and environment integrated methodology and toolbox for scenario assessment  HEIMTSA_LOGO_small

The aim of the project lies in development and application of a methodology for an integrated assessment of environmental and health impacts of different scenaria of the EU policies.

HEIMTSA: Health and environment integrated methodology and toolbox for scenario assessment

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European Comission, 6th Framework Programme

Project duration

 February 2007–January 2011

Coordinator of the project in CUEC

Mgr. Milan Ščasný, Ph.D.

Project partners

The project engages in total 21 research institutes from all over Europe coordinated by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) – see the list of partners.

Project description

The objectives of the project are the following ones:

  • to develop a methodology for health impact and cost benefit analysis, so that overall environment and health impacts caused by releases of substances into the environment from all relevant human activities can be evaluated at the European level, as reliably as practicable given current knowledge.
  • to develop a related modular integrated assessment system (IAS) for use at the EU-30 level (including Switzerland, Norway and the accession countries)
  • to apply the results from using the IAS in a methodology for health impact and cost-benefit assessment of realistic policy scenarios at the European level
  • to develop HIA/CBA capability in Europe

 Stream 1 - Infrastructure
WP 1.1 Links with other projects
WP 1.2 Uncertainty evaluation
WP 1.3 Mapping of impacts: Health evaluation

Stream 2 - From Emission to Human Exposure
WP 2.1 Scenario based modeling of population exposure
WP 2.2 Quantification of concentrations in environmental media

Stream 3 - From human Exposure to Human Health Effects
WP 3.1 Risk functions for single-media pathways
WP 3.2 Risk functions for multi-media pathways and mixtures
WP 3.3 Background rates of diseases and illnesses

Stream 4 - Monetary Valuation
WP 4.1 The current paradigm - Willingness to pay
WP 4.2 Extending the current paradigm

Stream 5 - Integration and Application
WP 5.1 Scenario development
WP 5.2 Design of integrated assessment system (IAS)
WP 5.3 Application of IAS to policy scenarios

Stream 6 - Dissemination & Training
WP 6.1 Dissemination
WP 6.2 Internal training
WP 6.3 External training

Stream 7 - Scientific Integration & Project Management
WP 7.1 Scientific integration
WP 7.2 Project management

Charles University Environment Center is active in the Module 4: Monetary Valuation.


Outputs at the project web pages



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