Environmentally significant behaviour in CR (GA CR, 2008–2010)

GA403/08/1694 Application of the model of environmentally significant behavior in the Czech Republic

This project aims at empirical testing of models of environmentally significant behaviour on the data from the Czech Republic. The main attention is devoted to two models based on an extended rational choice theory.

GA403/08/1694 Application of the model of environmentally significant behavior in the Czech Republic


Grant Agency of the Czech Republic 

Project duration

January 2008–December 2010 

Project coordinator in CUEC

Mgr. Jan Urban 

Project description

The whole project is consisting of two work packages.

1) In the first work package, existing models of environmentally significant behavior (esp. so called private-sphere environmentalism) will be reviewed. The focus will be placed on two types of private-sphere environmentalism: travel mode choice and organic food consumption. Next, these models are tested using available data sets. Four relevant datasets will be explored for the purpose of this secondary data analysis: ISSP 1993 and ISSP 2000 survey data, and two datasets on travel mode choice and organic food consumption collected recently by CUEC. The main focus is placed on application of model of planned that is used as a reference model.

2) In the second work package, a partially covered experiment is conducted using volunteers from the ranks of university students. This experiment will allow testing of the model set forth in the previous step. Indeed, in contrast to standard interviews, this experiment will enable researcher to observe behaviour directly. Moreover, further information on the attitudes, social norms, perceived behavioural control of the participants etc. will be elicited.


[1]  BRAUN KOHLOVÁ, Markéta.  Meaning of accessibility in decisions about residential relocation? Results of a qualitative sociological survey in Czech cities. In Becker, Udo,  Gerike, Regine a  Böhmer, Juliane. How to define and measure access and need satisfaction in transport, 1. vyd., 2008.s. 177-190, ISBN 978-3-9807994-2-3.

[2]  URBAN, Jan,  ŠČASNÝ, Milan,  ZVĚŘINOVÁ, Iva. Environmental Economics and Policy: Young Researchers Perspective, 1. vyd., Praha: Nakladatelství a vydavatelství litomyšlského semináře,  2008. ISBN 978-80-86709-14-7. How much are Prague consumers willing to pay for organic food? s. 86-104

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