Environmental Basics, a Multimedia Textbook for Environmental Education (HEDF, 2004–2005)

FRVŠ 1124/2005 Environmental Basics, a Multimedia Textbook for Environmental Education

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FRVŠ 1124/2005 Environmental Basics, a Multimedia Textbook for Environmental Education

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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – Higher Education Development Fund

Project duration

January 2004–December 2005 

Project coordinator in CUEC

RNDr. Jana Dlouhá, Ph.D.  

Project description

The aim of this project lies in creating an electronic textbook that would enable working with information of interdisciplinary nature and which would be freely accessible to all interested parties. The objectives are:

1. to convert existing texts for teaching environmental education into electronic form

2. to supplement the texts by references to information sources available, which enrich the basic texts with specific data, emphasizing interdisciplinary connections through links and references

3. to enrich the texts by adding practical examples focusing on functional principles, for which it is possible to find current data in particular situations

4. to add multimedia features

5. to support an active membership of the Charles University in the international organizations of higher education institutions (IAU - International Association of Universities).

6. to support involvement in international efforts towards sustainable development to ensure access to information sources and contacts

7. to draw on the international process launched by the IAU conference (September 2003, Prague, Charles University)

8. to promote the objectives of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

9. to participate in UNESCO activities within the Decade 

Project outputs

The project outputs can be found here: http://www.enviwiki.cz.



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