MFA (TACR, 2012-2013)

TD010146 Impact assessment of the socio-economic development on the environment by means of indicators of antropogenic energo-material flows


Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Project duration


Project coordinator in CUEC

Jan Kovanda

Project description

The project consists of following goals:

  1. Extension of time series of indicators of energo-material flows
  2. Analysis of the indicators from the viewpoints of their contribution to environmental pressure in the Czech Republic, efficiency of material use, foreign material and energy dependency and the use of renewable and non-renewable resources
  3. Calculation of material flow indicators for economic sectors
  4. Analysis of contribution of particular sectors to environmental pressure related to use of materials
  5. Analysis of driving forces of the indicator time development: Structural decomposition analysis

Goals 1-4 will be carried out in both years of the project run - extension of time series will always be carried out for the most current year (the underlying data are usually available with 2 year time lag due to complexity of the indicators). Time series of the indicators are now available for 1990-2008 and they will be thus extended extended by years 2009-2011 during the whole run of the project (by years 2009 and 2010 during the first year). Goal 5 will be carried out during the whole project run.




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