Barriers for FSC in Czech forestry (TAČR Éta, 2020–2023)

Barriers for FSC in Czech forestry (TAČR Éta, 2020–2023)

Research and solution of barriers to the application of the FSC standard in Czech forestry

The project will help to understand the obstacles that prevent small and medium-sized forest owners from implementing the FSC standard of sustainable forestry and find solutions to overcome them. It will therefore contribute to the adaptation of Czech forests to the changing climate and the international timber market.

Project period: 6/2020-5/2023

Financial support: Technological Agency of the Czech Republic

Project description: he aim of the project is to bring new knowledge and information, especially to smaller forest owners, through triangulation of research methods and applied research, which will help them overcome barriers (lack of know-how and research resources) currently facing new corporate customers or wood processors. on sustainability and environmental standards, such as FSC certification. This will also strengthen the adaptation of the target group of forest owners to the negative impacts of climate change, increase the competitiveness and role of the public and stakeholders in the whole process. The output of the project will be research reports, innovative methodologies, online tools to improve supplier-customer relations, round tables / workshops and will also focus on the dissemination of project outputs to the target group.

Role of CUEC in the project: In the project, CUEC is responsible for research: market research, including its prospects, the structure of supply and demand for certified timber; research of the motivations and dilemmas of already certified owners and the barriers they faced in implementing the standard; expectations of municipal owners or the preparation of application tools that will help get the results to small and medium-sized forest owners (methodology of implementing the standard, online marketplace of certified timber). He will also use the experience from the project. 

Project partners:

  • FAIRWOOD Solutions, s.r.o.
  • Forest Support s.r.o.



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