Environmental Footprint Lab - Outputs

Environmental Footprint Lab - Outputs

The most important results of our team members are the calculator of environmental impacts of food and the following scientific publications:

  • Weinzettel, J., D. Vačkář, and H. Medková. 2018. Human footprint in biodiversity hotspots. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 16(8): 447-452.
  • Weinzettel, J. and R. Wood. 2018. Environmental Footprints of Agriculture Embodied in International Trade: Sensitivity of Harvested Area Footprint of Chinese Exports. Ecological Economics 145: 323-330.
  • Mach, R., J. Weinzettel, and M. Ščasný. 2018. Environmental Impact of Consumption by Czech Households: Hybrid Input–Output Analysis Linked to Household Consumption Data. Ecological Economics 149: 62-73.
  • Medková, H., D. Vačkář, and J. Weinzettel. 2017. Appropriation of potential net primary production by cropland in terrestrial ecoregions. Journal of Cleaner Production 150: 294-300.
  • Pfister, S., A. M. Boulay, M. Berger, M. Hadjikakou, M. Motoshita, T. Hess, B. Ridoutt, J. Weinzettel, L. Scherer, P. Döll, A. Manzardo, M. Núñez, F. Verones, S. Humbert, K. Buxmann, K. Harding, L. Benini, T. Oki, M. Finkbeiner, and A. Henderson. 2017. Understanding the LCA and ISO water footprint: A response to Hoekstra (2016) “A critique on the water-scarcity weighted water footprint in LCA”. Ecological Indicators 72: 352-359.
  • Wood, R., K. Stadler, T. Bulavskaya, S. Lutter, S. Giljum, A. de Koning, J. Kuenen, H. Schütz, J. Acosta-Fernández, A. Usubiaga, M. Simas, O. Ivanova, J. Weinzettel, J. H. Schmidt, S. Merciai, and A. Tukker. 2015. Global sustainability accounting-developing EXIOBASE for multi-regional footprint analysis. Sustainability (Switzerland) 7(1): 138-163.
  • Weinzettel, J., K. Steen-Olsen, E. G. Hertwich, M. Borucke, and A. Galli. 2014. Ecological footprint of nations: Comparison of process analysis, and standard and hybrid multiregional input-output analysis. Ecological Economics 101: 115-126.
  • Weinzettel, J., E. G. Hertwich, G. P. Peters, K. Steen-Olsen, and A. Galli. 2013. Affluence drives the global displacement of land use. Global Environmental Change 23(2): 433-438.
  • Schoer, K., R. Wood, I. Arto, and J. Weinzettel. 2013. Estimating raw material equivalents on a macro-level: Comparison of multi-regional input-output analysis and hybrid LCI-IO. Environmental Science and Technology 47(24): 14282-14289.
  • Galli, A., J. Weinzettel, G. Cranston, and E. Ercin. 2013. A Footprint Family extended MRIO model to support Europe's transition to a One Planet Economy. Science of the Total Environment 461: 813-818.
  • Weinzettel, J. 2012. Understanding Who is Responsible for Pollution: What Only the Market can Tell UsuComment on "An Ecological Economic Critique of the Use of Market Information in Life Cycle Assessment Research". Journal of Industrial Ecology 16(3): 455-456.
  • Weinzettel, J., M. Havranek, and M. Scasny. 2012. A consumption-based indicator of the external costs of electricity. Ecological Indicators 17: 68-76.
  • Steen-Olsen, K., J. Weinzettel, G. Cranston, A. E. Ercin, and E. G. Hertwich. 2012. Carbon, Land, and Water Footprint Accounts for the European Union: Consumption, Production, and Displacements through International Trade. Environmental Science & Technology 46(20): 10883-10891.
  • Schoer, K., J. Weinzettel, J. Kovanda, J. Giegrich, and C. Lauwigi. 2012. Raw material consumption of the European union - concept, calculation method, and results. Environmental Science & Technology 46(16): 8903-8909.
  • Ewing, B. R., T. R. Hawkins, T. O. Wiedmann, A. Galli, A. Ertug Ercin, J. Weinzettel, and K. Steen-Olsen. 2012. Integrating ecological and water footprint accounting in a multi-regional input-output framework. Ecological Indicators 23: 1-8.


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