Monitoring food-related material flows with the use of economy-wide material system analysis

Kovanda, J. (2022) Ecological Economics, 195, 107392

The article applies a newly developed method of economy-wide material system analysis (EW-MSA) for foodrelated primary materials and products. EW-MSA builds on economy-wide material flow analysis (EW-MFA) and further splits the economic system into extraction, manufacturing, use, waste treatment and waste treatment - recycling sub-components. The results of EW-MSA of food-related primary materials and products are discussed in relation to Czech policies focusing on food self-sufficiency, environmental impacts of food production, and waste treatment. The self-sufficiency in manufacturing of food-related products is very high in the Czech Republic, but significantly lower in the use of these products. If the Czech Republic plans to maintain or even increase its food self-sufficiency, the reduction in environmental impacts of food production can only be achieved by an increase in environmental efficiency or by decreasing food exports. Both international and Czech waste policies require an increase in waste recycling in order to support a transition to a circular economy. The EWMSA shows that there is still some scope for improvement in recycling of waste and water emissions from food products and beverages in the Czech Republic.


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