Environment Centre
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Acquired knowledge and skills

The basis for the graduates is the specialization they obtained in their undergraduate degrees of studies. This specialization is developed within the doctoral studies in such a way that the graduates eventually:

  • acquire in-depth knowledge of the theoretical bases of the scientific areas, they are applying while writing their doctoral theses,
  • know the broad context of the environmental issues their dissertation is focusing on,
  • develop a deep understanding of the methodology of all scientific areas they are applying while working on their dissertations. This knowledge is considered an essential prerequisite for interdisciplinary dialogue and research.

We definitely welcome, when students propose their own topics that they want to address during their doctoral studies. The study/research areas of the Environmental Studies doctoral programme are described here, just as the requested research character of the papers.

Below you can find tips on topics of dissertation theses our supervisors could lead.

Representatives of environmental science who have traditionally focused on the natural sciences are now aware that a comprehensive understanding of the planet’s natural system does not suffice. It is necessary to understand the complex interactions between the socio-economic system and the vital biophysical planetary systems, to understand the significance of these interactions, their relative importance and their risks. The Environmental Studies doctoral study program contributes to the development of the environmental approaches characteristic of their interdisciplinary nature.

The application is submitted electronically. For information on admission procedures, please visit the Faculty of Humanities, where the link to the electronic application form can be found. We recommend going through this information thoroughly, particularly noting the necessary points of the application, admission conditions and form of the entrance examination.