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Optimal use of renewable energy in transport – OZE 

Financial support

Technological Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR), BETA Programme

Project duration


Coordinator of the project in CUEC

Dr. Vojtěch Máca, Dr. Milan Ščasný

Project partners

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Czech Technical University in Prague

Czech Association of Petroleum Industry and Trade

Czech Technology Platform for the Use of Biosensors in Transport and Chemical Industry

Research Institute of Agricultural Technology, v. v. i.

Project description

The project reflects a summary of the current knowledge on renewable energy sources and their evaluation, a proposal for a strategy for the future use of renewable energy sources in transport sector and a model that will evaluate the fulfillment of the objectives under the optimal strategy and respond to changes in the implemented measures. This strategy will take into account the ranking of the benefits of each type of renewable energy taking account of availability of raw materials, technologies, costs and benefits, and the quantification of the expected evolution of their share in 2020–2030, based on current knowledge. The aim of the project is to highlight shortcomings in existing laws, to assess current subsidies and to evaluate the cooperation between ministries and other entities involved, and to streamline the support of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic and its uptake in transport sector.


The aim of the project is a comprehensive analysis consisting of:

  1. analysis of available renewable resources potential and available technologies in the Czech Republic including recommendations on the topic,
  2. analysis of the advantages of individual technologies in terms of current technical and technological condition and expected trends of innovations,
  3. analysis of the latest research activities on advanced biofuels, biogas, renewable non-bioliquid and liquid fuels and fossil-fuel fuels,
  4. analysis of available optimization models in the Czech Republic focused on renewable sources of energy, assessment of their utilization for public administration purposes,
  5. analysis of the existing subsidy policy to support the use of renewable sources in transport in the Czech Republic (incentives, taxes, other financial or non-financial instruments) and its impacts,
  6. assessment of conditions and status of cooperation between ministries, between ministries and R&D&I institutions, business sphere, interest organizations and other relevant entities,
  7. macro and microeconomic analysis of the use of renewable energy sources in transport (impact on GDP, imports, exports, enterprises, etc.).

Based on these analyzes, a comprehensive renewable energy strategy for 2020–2030 will be developed. The strategy will be elaborated in 3 scenarios (minimalist scenario, maximalist scenario and realistic goal). The overall strategy will include in particular: (a) the availability of feedstock for the production of the different types of biofuels used and the sources for the production of other renewable fuels and fossil fuels from waste; (b) the specification of the specific types of biofuels and other renewable fuels and fossil fuels used, or the resources and technologies used to produce them. The final output of the project will be an optimization model / models, a tool for continuous evaluation of the current situation and prospects for the use of renewable energy sources in the future.

Research team

  • Dr. Vojtěch Máca
  • Dr. Lukáš Rečka
  • Dr. Milan Ščasný