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Czech Science Foundation

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Jan Weinzettel

Contact person:

Jan Weinzettel

Project description

The central goal of this project is to analyze the environmental consequences of European household consumption. We aim to develop and apply a novel concept to account for the biosphere integrity footprint of household consumption, to account for the appropriation of potential carbon stock in ecosystems, and biodiversity loss resulting from agricultural land use embodied in products consumed by households. We will apply a static environmentally-extended multi-regional input-output framework to account for global displacement of these environmental footprints by international trade, analyze the general differences between the footprint of households in different EU countries, connect the consumption of specific Czech households from the consumer expenditure survey with global environmental footprints and study the links between household characteristics and their environmental impacts. Together with the biosphere integrity, biodiversity and climate change, we will also estimate impacts on scarce water use, acidification and land footprint.