Environment Centre
During COVID-19 provisions most of our staff is working from home – you can reach the staff by email. For necessary phone contact be so kind and use tel. +420 724 698 016
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The Scientific Board endorses the concept of the Centre and evaluates its results. Members of the Scientific Board are the following:

  • Josef Brechler
  • Prof. Milan Damohorský
  • Jakub Fischer
  • Prof. Jan Frouz
  • Prof. Karel Janda
  • Michal Kejak
  • Ladislav Miko
  • Prof. Bedřich Moldan
  • Karel Műller
  • Jan Neuman
  • Richard Papík
  • Vojtěch Petráček
  • Prof. Petr Sklenička
  • Prof. Petr Šauer
  • Radim J. Šrám