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The INHERIT Five-Country Survey Report examines the attitudes, preferences and behaviours of inhabitants from the Czech Republic, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, and the UK related to food consumption, physical activity and energy efficient housing. It is based on nationally representative questionnaires conducted in 2018 that had a total of 10,288 respondents. The survey examines the effects that incentive structures and the provision of information have on the willingness of individuals to change their lifestyles to be healthier and more sustainable. For key findings, see the full report 

Newsletter of PEOPLE project is hot off the press and brings interesting insights on PEOPLE-centered learning cycles in sustainable industry, and more:

  • Meet sociologist Jan Urban from COŽP UK, who shares his thoughts on how social sciences can help to reduce climate change, or anthropologist Sarah Pink.
  • Check out how PEOPLE project was co-creating the future during the PEOPLE camp in Amsterdam, and find out which challenging energy & sustainability industry case studies our teams of social sciences and humanities students will be working on this year
  • And get a glimpse into the bright future of the symposium Why the world needs anthropologists symposium by EASA Applied Anthropology Network.

You can view and download the newsletter at this link.

On behalf of the Charles University Environment Centre, I would like to congratulate Professor Nordhaus and Professor Romer on winning the 2018 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics. Both scholars have broadened the scope of standard economic analysis by constructing models that help us to understand how the market economy interacts with climate change and technological innovations.

My sincerest congratulations go in particular to Professor Nordhaus, with whom I had the privilege to work at the Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists held in Prague in 2012 that my colleagues and I had the honour of organising. Professor Nordhaus gave a keynote lecture at the EAERE-2012 Conference. You can find the video of the keynote lecture here.

After 3 years investigating societal trends and intersectoral European practices, the #InheritYourFuture Forum will promote successful practices and introduce four achievable future scenarios for Europe in 2040. 

We invite you to MuseumsQuartier in Vienna on 21 November 2018. Practice leaders will showcase inspiring examples that successfully benefit health, the environment and equity - achieving the INHERIT triple-win and shaping the future we want.

Join us to discuss how to transfer and mainstream good practices in the areas of green urban spaces, energy efficient housing, active travel, and food consumption. Register at www.inherit.eu/forum  

The Charles University Environment Centre reminded this year 25 years since its founding. On this occasion, on November 21, 2017, a conference "Universities and Sustainable Development was held at the Patriotic Hall of the historical building of Charles University. Conference focused on the current problems of the contemporary world and the involvement of universities in their efforts to correct them.

We bring you a video of the conference lectures and a presentations of some speakers.

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