The aim of the project is a complex evaluation of large-scale forest reclamations on habitats altered by surface mining of brown coal. The goal is to evaluate forest regeneration options with respect to potential value of the reclaimed forest ecosystem considering the primary production of the stand and the possibility of provision of ecosystem services - carbon sequestration, soil water retention, biodiversity, erosion control and cultural services.

The aim of the project is to develop (i) a software model, which enables, according to a compiled computation procedure, to quantify and economically assess the degradation of forests and corresponding changes in ecosystem services due to the effects of human-related airborne emissions and stress associated with climate change, and (ii) a methodology, documenting a reproducible procedure for the evaluation of alternative adaptation measures in forest management that reduce the risks from exposure to atmospheric pollution and extreme climate events to health status of spruce stands, in terms of the impact of the adaptation measures on particular ecosystem services related to forest stands.

 The central goal of this project is to analyze the environmental consequences of European household consumption. We aim to develop and apply a novel concept to account for the biosphere integrity footprint of household consumption, to account for the appropriation of potential carbon stock in ecosystems, and biodiversity loss resulting from agricultural land use embodied in products consumed by households.

The aim of this project is to quantify the environmental consequences of individual purchases and activities of city-centered lifestyles. 

Project ‘Progres - Environmental Research, follows the previous interdisciplinary project ‘Prvouk’. The present proposal corresponds with the framework and research concepts of the Institute for Environmental Studies – Faculty of Science, Environment Center of the Charles University, Department of Social and Cultural Ecology of the Faculty of Humanities, Department of Atmospheric Physics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Environmental Law of the Faculty of Law, Centre of Environmental Education of the Faculty of Education and Department of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine of the Third Faculty of Medicine. The aim of the project is to conduct a conceptual and interdisciplinary study regarding the biotic and abiotic interactions between environmental compartments. 

PEOPLE: People-Centred Development in Practical and Learning Environments

International project People-Centred Development Approaches in Practical and Learning Environments (PEOPLE) focuses on the mismatch between qualifications gained by humanities and social science students (in particular anthropology, psychology, and sociology) and skills expected from graduates by employers in industry. 

Innovated restart of biotope valuation method (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, 2016-2017)

The aim of this project is the innovation and extension of biotope valuation methodology (the AOPK biotope valuation method). At the same time, a user interface for the method implementation by AOPK and other state authorities and for the EIA quantifications will be created.

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