Charles-University-symbol-2The centre was originally established as a small unit whose goal was inspirational, initiating and coordinating activities in pedagogic and research processes in the environmental field at Charles University. After more than 20 years the centre grew into an extensive team with more than 20 employees concentrated in three different departments. Its current status no longer corresponded to the wide range of activities it engages in, either in the research field or in fulfilling study programmes, and it was for this reason that an organisational change to a university institute was made.

The oldest university in Central Europe, Charles University, was founded on 7 April, 1348, by Charles IV, the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia.

The Charles University Environment centre, was founded as a part of Charles University in 1992. It conducts environmental research and provides environmental expertise and information for students, university staff and for the general public. The centre collaborates with parliamentary bodies, state administration, non-government organizations and many academic and research institutions both locally and abroad. CUEC consists of the three units: sustainable development indicators, environmental economics, and education and information for sustainable development.

The idea of creating the Charles University Environment centre came from the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The director of the Faculty Environmental Institute in his letter addressing Mr. prorector Maly claims that "the need to create an institution focusing on activities relating to the environment is emphasized by the recent changes in our republic, as well as in whole Europe." The main aims, according to the proposal, should have included "inspirational, initiation and later also coordination agenda in the pedagogic and research process." The management of the University accepted the proposal after many consultations, and the Academic Senate approved of its establishemnt, so the centre started working following its Statute. This statute has mostly reflected the original proposal. One difference is the organizational integration of the centre into the University, entailing a direct subordination to the president, while the original idea considered the placement at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The Scientific Board endorses the concept of the Centre and evaluates its results. Members of the Scientific Board are the following:

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