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L. Rečka, M. Ščasný, Impacts of carbon pricing, brown coal availability and gas cost on Czech energy system up to 2050, Energy, Volume 108, 1 August 2016, Pages 19-33, ISSN 0360-5442,

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Hák, Oulehlová, Janoušková a kol: Environmentální bezpečnost (2015). EKOPRESS, 150 s. ISBN: 978-80-87865-19-4 (

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Hák, T., Janoušková, S., & Moldan, B. (2016). Sustainable Development Goals: A need for relevant indicators. Ecological Indicators, 60, 565-573.

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Dlouhá, J., & Burandt, S. (2015). Design and evaluation of learning processes in an international sustainability oriented study programme. In search of a new educational quality and assessment method. Journal of Cleaner Production, 106, 247–258. Full text/Plný text - available here/Dostupný zde.

UE4SD (2015) Leading Practice Publication: Professional development of university educators on Education for Sustainable Development in European countries. Editors: Kapitulčinová, D., Dlouhá, J., Ryan, A., Dlouhý, J., Barton, A., Mader, M., Tilbury, D., Mulà, I., Benayas, J., Alba, D., Mader, C., Michelsen, G., Vintar Mally, K. Charles University in Prague, Prague, 136 pp. Kniha je dostupná/Book is available online zde/online here

Syrovátka, M., & Hák, T. (2015). Measuring Rich-Country Policies Toward the Global Environment: A Critical Analysis of the Environmental Component of the Commitment to Development Index. The Journal of Environment & Development, 24(1), 105-128. - abstrakt článku/article abstract

Hák, T., Janoušková, S., Whitby, A., Abdallah, S., & Kovanda, J. (2015). Indicator Policy Factsheets: A Knowledge Brokerage Tool. Sustainability, 7(3), 3414-34 - plný text článku/full text of the article

West, J., Schandl, H., Krausmann, F., Kovanda, J., & Hak, T. (2014). Patterns of change in material use and material efficiency in the successor states of the former Soviet Union. Ecological Economics, 105, 211-219 - plný text článku/full text of the article

Ščasný M., Zvěřinová I. (2014) Stated preference study to examine the economic value of benefits of avoiding selected adverse human health outcomes due to exposure to chemicals in the European Union. Service contract for the European Chemicals Agency No. ECHA/2011/123 FD7. Final Report Part II:Fertility and Developmental Toxicity. Odkaz na článek/full text of the article

Zvěřinová I., Ščasný M., Kyselá E. (2014) What Influences Public Acceptance of the Current Policies to Reduce GHG Emissions? WP2 Deliverable 2.5. Prague, Charles University Environment Center. odkaz na článek/full text of the article

Weinzettel J., Steen-Olsen K., Hertwich E.G., Borucke M., Galli A. (2014) Ecological footprint of nations: Comparison of process analysis, and standard and hybrid multiregional input–output analysis. Ecological Economics, vol. 101, May 2014, pp. 115–126 Odkaz na článek/full text of the article

Máca, V., Melichar, J. (2013). Health Benefits of the Low Emission Zone Introduction in Prague City Centre. Transactions on Transport Sciences, 6(1), pp. 1-72. Odkaz na článek/Full text of the article

Schoer, K., Wood, R., Arto, I., Weinzettel, J., 2013. Estimating raw material equivalents on a macro-level: Comparison of multi-regional input-output analysis and hybrid LCI-IO. Environmental Science and Technology 47, 14282-14289.
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Alberini, A., Ščasný, M. (2013), Exploring heterogeneity in the value of a statistical life: Cause of death v. risk perceptions. Ecological Economics 94 (2013) 143-155. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolecon.2013.07.012. Odkaz na článek/Full text of the article

Urban, J., & Máca, V. (2013). Linking Traffic Noise, Noise Annoyance and Life Satisfaction: A Case Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 10, 1895–1915. Odkaz na článek/Full text of the article

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